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As a member of the American Canyon Guides Association (ACGA), you are joining a network of professional guides and connecting to a larger community across the country and internationally. The association strives to represent its membership by providing support, education and professional standards.

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Certified Professional Membership
Certified Individual Membership is open to any guide who has passed an ACGA certification exam and is currently certified by the ACGA.

Professional Membership
Individual Membership is open to any person who makes at least part of their living as a canyon guide or a technical canyoneering instructor, including Aspirant Guides. Individual Members are not certified by the ACGA and shall not, directly or indirectly, represent any such certified status.

Associate Membership
Associate Membership is open to any individual who is interested in being associated with a community of canyoneers, particularly in the areas of education, instruction and guiding. Associate Members are not certified by the ACGA and shall not, directly or indirectly, represent any such certified status.

ACGA Benefits of Membership

World Wide Recognition
As a member of the ACGA you receive recognition as one of the most highly-trained, experienced and competent canyon guides in the world.

Use of the ACGA Logo
As a member in good standing of the ACGA you are allowed to use the ACGA Logo along-side your name for marketing purposes. This logo immediately identifies you as a competent canyon guide with qualifications second to none.

Professional Networking Opportunities
Networking with industry professionals is a valuable tool. The more you are known and respected by your peers the better your recognition in the market place. ACGA membership also allows extensive networking opportunities to communicate with your peers regarding relevant and important issues.

Professional Purchase Programs
As a member of the ACGA you are recognized by Outdoor Industry Companies as a valuable asset to their marketing efforts. For this reason these companies offer us discounts on their products in order to associate their brand with you and your professional standing. The ACGA currently has access to Professional Purchase Programs with the following companies.  Qualified ACGA member may access information pertaining these programs by following the links below.


Five Ten

Outdoor Prolink




Future Benefits

Discounts on Insurance Premiums
The ACGA has formed a committee that is currently working on obtaining best rates from insurance companies using our excellent reputation and group purchasing power.

Relationships with Land Managers
One of the most important issues facing us today is our relationships with various Land Managers, from private land owners to State and Federal Government officials. Depending on the situation, relationships with Land Manager can be good or bad. The ACGA provides us with an opportunity to address these Land Managers as a group, in order to help them better understand who we are, what we are doing and how that affects them and their specific area of management.

Improved Access to Permits
Have you ever experienced difficulty getting permits? Positive relationships with Land Managers directly affect our ability to obtain permits in the various locations where we work. As a group the ACGA is recognized as second to none, in the quality of our product and high level of professionalism. Land Managers recognize this as a positive benefit when considering permit applications.